Invite your company to Bucket List and win $100.

Step 1: Tell Us About Yourself

(so we know who to send the $100)

Introduce us to your HR manager, Office Manager or CEO and you’ll get $100 towards your bucket list goal once we meet with them.

We’ll also give your HR manager an additional $100 to knock something of their bucketlist.

It’s a win-win.

The Ultimate Rewards Platform

How does the corporate program works?

When it comes to rewards most companies give away gift cards and toasters. However, only one in ten employees actually values this. 

With Bucketlist a company can reward employees with their greatest life goal, whether it's to build a school in Africa or drive a Lamborghini along a twisty highway.

Bucket list is the only platform that helps employees achieve what they want most in life.

With Bucketlist team members can achieve goals together. There's no better way for a team to have fun than knocking something off their bucketlist. 

We've seen teams do everything from taking archery lessons, to volunteering with local non-profits.

Bucketlist is the best platform to allow employees to connect and have fun with one another.

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